Chesed v'Emet - Professional Servies

The goods and services shown are those that we provide to the families we serve.. You have the right to choose only those items you wish. However, any service arrangement you select will include a charge for our basic service and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any item(s) that you did not specifically ask for, the reason you must select such item(s) will be explained, in writing, on the Statement of Goods and Services which will be provided.

Basic Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff              $895
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This is the basic charge we charge to each family we serve for our professional expertise in assisting them. It includes, but is not limited to, a proportionate share of the taxes, licenses, utilities and business expenses necessary to serve the public in a
professional manner. Also included in this fee is the consultation with the family, clerical, and administrative services, preparation and filing of necessary permits and other documents, consultation with the clergy, cemetery, crematory, other funeral directors, airlines, assistance with insurance papers, arranging the funeral or memorial service as selected, and placing newspaper notices. There will be an additional fee for the direction and supervision of the service selected. The fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral or memorial service you select. This fee is already included in our package price for a direct cremation, immediate disposition, and forwarding or receiving remains from another funeral home.


Care and Preparation
Shelter and/or refrigeration ($100 additional per day after the first 2 days)
Washing and sanitation
Dressing, cosmetics, and casketing
Preparation of remains when received from another funeral home
Services and Use of Facilities
Equipment and services of Funeral Director and staff in a Temple or other facility
Equipment and services of Funeral Director and staff at graveside
Use of facilities for evening visitation or service
Use of facilities and staff for a memorial service
Overtime charge for Funeral Director and staff on Sunday or holiday
No Charge
Use of facilities and equipment for Taharah
Use of facilities and services of Funeral Director and staff for Service in our chapel
Automotive and Other Equipment Services
Removal and transfer to Funeral Home within 45 mile radius
Use of funeral hearse and driver
Use of utility vehicle
Use of limousine and driver
Use of flower car
Transfer to or from airport
Additional transportation to and from autopsy
Transfer to crematory
Sunday or holiday additional livery
Transportation beyond 45 mile radius (based on one-way)