Chesed v'Emet - Burial Merchandise

Chesed v’Emet provides funeral services and merchandise tailored to the needs of you and your family. As a synagogue based advocate for families needing to arrange a funeral, Chesed v’Emet’s sole focus is on individualized and personal attention. Our unique, family-driven approach represents a dramatic change from the current and current model of Jewish funeral arrangements, which is much more impersonal and industry-driven. For far too long, funerals have been arranged with the needs of the funeral home taking priority over the needs of the family.

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Merchandise and Services

Caskets (range in price)
Outer Burial Containers (Vaults) (range in price)
Outer Burial Containers for Cremation (range in price)
Cremation Urns (range in price)
Register Book
Tachrichum (Shroud) Muslin / Linen
Minimum Cremation Container
Air Tray
Combination Shipping Container
Ziegler Transfer Case
Personalized Acknowledgement Cards/Envelopes(25)
Standard Acknowledgment Cards/Envelopes (25)
Cremation Fee
Services Folders (100)