Chesed v'Emet - Kindness & Truth

"Families need a safe and secure enviornment in which their emotional needs are promoted and their financial needs are protected. This can be accomplished through their congregation supporting a provider whose primary concern is the family. Chesed v'Emet is just such a resource - personally representing congregations by serving only its members and their families. This individual approach provides the distinctive value of combining the support of personalized attention to savings."

When a loved one dies, and even before, it is an extremely emotional time for families and most of us are not able to think clearly.

Some of the necessary first steps that will need to be taken are:

*Call Chesed v'Emet (24 hours/7 days a week)

*Contact your rabbi or temple

*Consider where you'd like the services held

*Know what cemetery will be used

A personal, individualized approach during such a sensitive time can be invaluable. The selection of Chesed v'Emet allows families to receive this sensitive and distinctive treatment as well as substantial cost savings — ranging from $500 to $3000. The reasons for this economy of cost savings are multiple, but all stem directly from Chesed v'Emet’s unique approach. Unlike corporate providers, Chesed v'Emet is not burdened with the costs of maintaining a large building, fleets of vehicles, or large staffs. This singular method is in stark contrast to current industry norms, such as artificial discounts based on inflated charges, extraneous “give-aways”, or unnecessarily high charges to absorb advertising expenses. The absence of corporate investors also allows the primary focus to remain on meeting the family’s needs in an honest, reasonable fashion and not on profit margins.

By doing away with the expensive overhead involved in having a funeral chapel and building, Chesed v'Emet is able to offer the community reasonably priced funerals without sacrificing the dignity and quality families deserve and want. Chesed v'Emet offers families quality caskets and burial vaults in addition to personalized and individualized service to the families that have chosen to honor the memory of their loved ones without spending more money than is necessary. For more information, call Chesed v'Emet: 847.577.0856